Hi! I'm a fourth-year undergrad studying Computer Science at the University of Washington.

My research interests lie broadly in programming languages. At UCLA, I work on discrete probabilistic programming projects, advised by Todd Millstein and Guy Van den Broeck. At the Univ. of Washington, I work on equality saturation projects, advised by Zachary Tatlock.

In industry, I've interned at Jane Street, working on the OCaml compiler and a distributed monitoring system, at Hudson River Trading, writing an LLVM optimization pass, at Instagram, on the COVID-19 Info Center, and at Cartogram.


Equality Saturation Theory Exploration à la Carte
Anjali Pal, Brett Saiki, Ryan Tjoa*, Cynthia Richey*, Amy Zhu, Oliver Flatt, Max Willsey, Zachary Tatlock, Chandrakana Nandi.
Object-Oriented Programming, Systems, Languages & Applications (OOPSLA) 2023

Scaling Integer Arithmetic in Probabilistic Programs
William X. Cao, Poorva Garg*, Ryan Tjoa*, Steven Holtzen, Todd Millstein, Guy Van den Broeck.
Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence (UAI) 2023


I welcome anonymous feedback on any topic here.